What Are the Best Deals on Tech Travel Essentials?

Kid Wearing Headphones and Using a Tablet

Hitting the open road or taking a flight soon? Whether you’re heading home for the holidays, escaping for some much-needed R&R, or going on a work trip, there’s at least one thing that’s universal about preparing to travel: deciding what to bring. Beyond the basics—a comfy travel pillow, a compartmentalized toiletry bag, and of course, a durable luggage set—there are certain tech travel essentials that are worth packing no matter where you’re headed.

We know that luggage space is always at a premium, so we’ve limited our essentials to a select list of travel tech that can make it easier to stay connected and tuned in while far from home. And since we’re all about deals, these must-haves are all budget-friendly alternatives to expensive gadgets and devices on your to-pack list. They’re sure to make your next trip more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Save on Noise-Canceling Headphones with TaoTronics | $50

Tune out the hustle and bustle of traveling with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Even if you don’t plan on spending all of your travel time listening to music or podcasts, packing a pair of noise-canceling headphones is an excellent choice. You’ll be so glad that you can slip them on when you need some peace or try to catch some zzz’s. While Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones would run you more than $300, these TaoTronics headphones give you a wireless, noise-canceling experience for a fraction of the price. Perfect for traveling, the large ear cups feature memory foam pads to make them comfortable for continuous wear, the foldable design makes them easy to pack, and the up to 40 hours of playtime ensure you’ll be able to enjoy them throughout your journey.

Block Out Distractions With Affordable Mpow Earbuds | $60

If noise-canceling earbuds are more your style, Mpow earbuds cost nearly $200 less than a pair of Apple Airpods Pro. With Airpods, you have to upgrade from standard Airpods to Airpods Pro to get active noise-cancelation. These Mpow earbuds offer that feature for way less. Great for extended use, they provide up to 30 hours of playtime and come with multiple sets of ear tips to help you find the most comfortable fit. Pop them in when you want to escape a noisy flight or car ride with kids or other loud passengers.

Stay Connected With an Inexpensive TP-Link Travel Router | $29

Traveling with a whole host of gadgets? Connect all of your devices—phones, tablets, laptops—to the hotel or airport Wi-Fi with an affordable TP-Link N300 travel router. It’s a handy little device that can help take the headache out of managing so many tech gadgets. Instead of constantly adding all of your devices to new Wi-Fi networks, connect them one time to the travel router. Then you only have to connect the router to each new network. Since many hotels limit the number of devices you’re allowed to connect to Wi-Fi, a travel router is also a clever way to sidestep device limitations. If your travels include extended time in the great outdoors or anywhere without an established Wi-Fi source, the premium NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 travel router is worth a consideration. It uses a SIM card to connect to the internet. The TP-Link travel router is a great option for most travelers, though.

Read on the Go With an Affordable Kindle Paperwhite | $130

Instead of limiting yourself to a book or two, take an entire library worth of e-books with a Kindle. Even if you’re partial to physical books, picking one up for trips is a smart move. A Kindle simultaneously lightens the weight of your luggage and lets you bring along all of the books you could possibly want. While a Kindle Oasis costs $250, a Kindle Paperwhite has very similar features for nearly half the price. Both offer weeks of battery life, waterproofing, high-resolution display, and a glare-free screen. With a Kindle Paperwhite, you can easily catch up on everything you’ve been meaning to read during long flights and road trips.

Blast Your Tunes Anywhere With Anker’s Bargain Travel Speaker | $40

Whether you’re planning to spend your trip relaxing at the hotel pool or camping in the mountains, set the scene with your favorite playlist blasting through a travel speaker. You could splurge on a Bose SoundLink Speaker, or you could save almost $100 with an Anker Soundcore Speaker. It’s a budget-friendly alternative that packs a punch with impressive features, including a battery that lasts up to 24 hours and a waterproof design. This compact powerhouse is a great way to enhance your trip.

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