What is an Open Box Sale—and Are They Worth It?

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“Open box”, “used”, and “like new” are all terms you have likely heard that maybe sound a little similar. If you know what to look for, open box deals in particular sometimes provide a back door to savings on products you want. Open box means that the item was purchased by someone else and then returned. The returned items are then inspected by the retailer for good functionality and made available to purchase again at a discounted price. This term can also refer to any item that has had its seal broken before being returned, but they are often most visible for furniture and electronics.

A consumer research project by the company TechSee reported that up to 41% of those surveyed admit returning a non-defective item. There are a lot of reasons for this. Some include having trouble operating the device, or finding it at a better price elsewhere. But what does that mean for you? At the end of the day, it means you can get a perfectly good product for a great price.

There are some important things to check before snapping up an open box item, even if it looks like a great deal. Be sure to check the store’s warranty and return policy, and experts advise that items sold as open box should be marked down by at least 20%. It’s also important to remember that open box could be used to refer to floor models. All that being said, they can ultimately be a great option for thrifty shoppers.

So where can you find great open box deals? We have collected a list of retailers with great open box and lightly used options.

Wayfair Offers Open Box Deals on Home Goods

If you’re looking for furniture, Wayfair has an open box and clearance section that could help you save on a quality piece of decor for beauty or comfort. Even if they don’t have exactly the item you might be looking for, you may be able to locate something similar at a reduced price. Wayfair also currently offers free shipping for orders over $35.

Find Great Products via Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse is a great resource for people who want quality products and are ready to take advantage of great opportunities you might not have found otherwise. It can sometimes be a little tricky to distinguish between open box and used items, but filtering for options such as “Like New” will provide some guidance. This sub-section of the trusted website has a wide variety of categories for your perusal.

eBay: A Re-Sale Classic

eBay is known for being one of the web’s best marketplaces for connecting buyers to what they’re looking for, regardless of how old or niche they are. Sometimes, these items come from individuals reselling used and pre-owned items. However, eBay's open box section is a great place to find open box electronics and other things from certified sellers.